The Teachers’ App for Managing Student Success

Real Time Tools to Bring Accountability and Engagement to the Classroom

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Real World Results for Teachers and Students

Schools that use EDclerk© experience immediate benefits for everyone in the ISD.

  • Higher test results
  • Fewer liabilities
  • Improved student connection
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Special Education
  • Connects with each student’s strengths and needs
  • Encourages engagement in the classroom
  • Grants higher learning success rates
  • Links notes between need-to-know faculty in real time
  • Sends Notifications of individual students’ progress
  • Tracks Bathroom Passes and Clocks Each Student’s Time in the Hallway
  • Fosters relationships by give insight into student issues
Works for Every Educator

EDclerk is truly a game changer! It’s so simple and organized. The monitoring system will change student’s behavior – I have seen it first hand!

- Alison Shepperd, Math Interventionist

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Less Paperwork. More Teaching.

Cross-Departmental Benefits At Every Level

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Logistics, Mentoring, and Compliance–All in One Place

  • Easy Dashboard
  • Student Events
  • Documentation
  • Hall Passes
  • PBIS & SEL Accelerator
  • Behavior Alerts
  • Tutorial Scheduler
  • Behavior Report Card
  • Data Organizer
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Work Samples Capturing
  • Special Service Scheduler

Maximum Results for Students

Teachers can enter relevant student updates quickly and effortlessly.

Student Progress is available for review by a student’s network of teachers and mentors.

Notifications are delivered to mentors right when they are needed.

Hall Pass Accountability

Digital Hall Passes increase accountability for all students by informing all teachers and administrative staff in the Hallway.

Hall visits are tracked, quantified, and timed for behavioral pattern detection.

504 Accommodations Made Easy

Consistent record-keeping allows all teachers to ensure every student’s needs are readily met.

Seamless tracking of accommodations made and their effectiveness for individual students.

Consistent Communication

Redirections and learning moments are reinforced from teacher to teacher, correcting behavior and maximizing engagement

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“EDclerk started as a solution to one problem I kept having as an educator:
I was overwhelmed!”

- Brian Speer, Founder

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Import Your Current Data With Ease

We are partnered with worldwide software companies to make your transition to EDclerk as smooth as possible.

EDclerk Tracks
Where Every Student
Should Be at All Times
Save Money
Increase Productivity &
Reduce Litigations
Save Time
Streamline daily tasks,
Down to a few clicks!
Improve Outcomes
Accountability Accelerator!
Meet Compliance
Capture and Deliver
Special Population Data

You Have Our Ear!

The educational dynamic is always changing, and as you adapt, so do we. We welcome feedback and suggestions from Teachers and Admins alike. Many of our best features started as suggestions from users like you.

Simple. Effective. Practical.

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