Hallways, Behavior, Flex Time and more all for one low price.

EDclerk is the ounce of prevetion to save your staff a ton of cure....

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  • AI-powered staff assistant
  • Mentor student behavior better
  • Reduce tardies and overall Hall Traffic
  • Easy data collection, stay in compliance
  • Schedule and track student services
  • Sporting/Activity event dismisal
  • Hallways
  • Behavior
  • Services
  • Workload
  • BETTER HALL MANAGENT: EDclerk helps manage hall traffic, making students less late and improving attendance.
  • DIGITAL HALL PASSES: The system gives out digital hall passes. This helps keep students where they should be and reduces unwanted hallway activity.
  • LOCATION TRACKING: EDclerk can show where students are in real-time by working with other security systems. This helps staff keep an eye on hall traffic and fix issues early.
  • REPORTING SYSTEM: EDclerk can make reports on how hall traffic is doing. This helps school leaders spot problems and make the school safer and run more smoothly.

Streamline and simplify tasks to proactively manage students.

Easy to use and affordable, EDclerk is the only solution that does it of it in one place.

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The singular application that consolidates the functionalities of five apps, streamlining your workflow, saving your funds, and simplifying the educational process for teachers and staff.

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EDclerk was a breeze to get started. We saw benefits immediately!"

- Randall Buck, Waxahachie HS TX 6A

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