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Addressing school issues from the ground up

EDclerk is the dashboard that teachers never knew they needed.
Simple, Effective and Practical.

Improving the Growth of Students and Schools

We make teacher's lives easier. Allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time with Students!

Save Money
Increase Productivity &
Reduce Litigations
Save Time
Streamline daily tasks,
Down to a few Clicks!
Improve Outcomes
PBIS, SEL & Student
Accountablity Accelerator!
We know the jobs of an educator are more than just teaching.
We're here to help you with everything else.

As a district or campus administrator your team may have the best campus improvement plan specific to your school(s). But you rely on tools like email, paper, and google drive that are not designed for a schools busy fast paced environment. That is where we come in. Our process will allow you and your teachers to stay one step ahead of your students.
We automate processes that allow stakeholders to remain consistent in their efforts to manage student logistics, classroom management for ALL students. By simplifying processes on required tasks ED clerk will reduce teachers' stress and increase productivity, which leads to a more enjoyable and productive educational experience for your students.
ED Clerk simplifies and secures the delivery, documentation and monitoring process of IEPs, 504 Plans, ELL & GT plans, accommodations and modifications in a single easy to use software. ED Clerk will also help you save thousands of dollars in hours spent preparing reports and tracking student data with each passing year.

We Listen and Create Solutions

ED Clerk is built by teachers for teachers. We've spent years piloting software talking to teachers, administrators and education experts to find what are the issues that slow student progress and bottle neck school resources. Then we create easy to use solutions that saves time, money, stress and foster meaningful connections with students.
Let us know your pain points!
Odds are, we have a solution.
If not, your request could benefit thousands of others.
Simple, Effective and Practical.
  • Easy Dashboard
  • Student Events
  • Documentation
  • Hall Passes
  • PBIS & SEL Accelerator
  • Behavior Alerts
  • Tutorial Scheduler
  • Behavior Report Card
  • Data Organizer
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Work Samples Capturing
  • Special Service Scheduler

ED Clerk is truly a game changer. It's so simple and orgainized. The monitoring system will change student’s behavior, I have seen it first hand. If you haven’t tried this program before you have no idea what you are missing!

Allison Shepperd -Math interventionist

Onboard Staff in one P.D.

We have the tools that will make your improvement plans work!

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