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Who are we?

We are frontline educators turned developers that know education is much more than teaching. As a campus administrator your team may have a great plan every year. But you also know how fast plans can derail when there is a lack of staff and student followthrough. That is where we come in.


We automate processes that allow teachers and administrators to remain consistent in their efforts to manage student logistics, classroom management for ALL students. By simplifying processes on required tasks EDclerk will reduce teachers' stress and increase productivity, which leads to a more enjoyable and productive educational experience for your students.

What are the outcomes?

ED Clerk simplifies issues like Hall passes, Documentation, Behavior, and secures the delivery, documentation and monitoring process of IEPs, 504 Plans, ELL & GT plans, accommodations and modifications in a single easy to use software. EDclerk will save your staff hundreds of hours per year preparing documenting and tracking student data with each passing year.

We Listen and Build Simple Solutions

We are dedicated to giving you the best experience so we can help your teachers be successful. What makes us different? We listen to what teachers are saying and create solutions that are easy to implement and simple to practice. We will be more than happy to demonstrate to any of your teachers so you can get their feedback. This will assure you that you are making the best decision for your school.

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We streamline all of this in one easy to use system.
  • Easy Dashboard
  • Student Events
  • Documentation
  • Hall Passes
  • PBIS & SEL Accelerator
  • Behavior Alerts
  • Tutorial Scheduler
  • Behavior Report Card
  • Data Organizer
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Work Samples Capturing
  • Special Service Scheduler

ED Clerk is truly a game changer. It's so simple and organized. The monitoring system will change student’s behavior, I have seen it first hand. If you haven’t tried this program before you have no idea what you are missing!

Allison Shepperd -Math interventionist

Simple, Effective and Practical.

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