Teacher task management system that is simple, efficient and practical

ED Clerk is a digital secretary that helps the teacher to organize the documentation, behavioral, logistical and notification management side of teaching.

The Features

Our easy-to-use program makes teachers lives easier. You know how, teachers are expressing how much is on their plate? That is where we come in. Request a demo and let us show you how.

The right people, the right information, at the right time
ED Clerk allows schools to create teams of teachers and staff around select students. Team members will get automated notifications about issues the student(s) may have during the day. This will allow teachers and staff to address the issue and create teaching moments throughout the same day.
Fast, flexible, effective
ED Clerk is an AI assistant built for educators that improves how they handle logistics, student data, behavior and student engagement in real time. It will take pressure off of your core teachers and will save time on mountainous paperwork, enabling them to cut through clutter and focus more time on what matters most…. Students.
Data collection
ED Clerk, you can easily differentiate instruction for your students with specific learning needs while keeping track of all student data. ED Clerk is designed for Special Education Managers, RTI/DLM Facilitators, Special Education Teachers and related staff to facilitate student progress towards goals and objectives that are targeted at addressing IEP needs, while providing the appropriate level of assessment, instruction and intervention for students who are not on grade level all while increasing attendance and reducing behavior referrals.
Student logistics
ED Clerk is a software for schools to manage the essential needs of the school. The system notifies a teacher when a student or a group of students need to leave the class which is accessible in the ED Clerk class dashboard displaying with time, purpose and destination. Then with a click the students are dismissed, tracked and accessible to view by all staff in the hall.
Less time on paper and more time with kids
We guarantee that our system will be easier and faster than any other solution in the classroom and on the market. With ED Clerk your district is guaranteed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost class time or lesson planning.
ED Clerk is the essential class Hall Pass system for schools. No more email searches , lost lists, no more hallways filled with unnecessary traffic, or teachers scrambling to scribble out a note, you simply have all the essential actions to manage your Hall passes. Then, staff can track pupils individually or in groups using mobile devices. ED Clerk is your one stop shop for keeping the school running smoothly.

Improve your teaching experience with just a couple of clicks

We are a Clever application we can have you up in running in a few minutes.

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