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  • Personalize instruction with AI-powered assistant "AskED"
  • Monitor student behavior in real-time for a safer, more productive learning environment
  • Reduce tardiness and improve attendance with our advanced hall traffic monitoring
  • Simplify special populations data collection and stay in compliance
  • Save time for teachers and staff with automated administrative tasks
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  • Workload
  • Behavior
  • Hallways
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  • Automating administrative tasks: By streamlining repetitive tasks such as attendance tracking, scheduling, and data entry, EDclerk can save teachers and administrators valuable time. This allows them to focus more on their core responsibilities, such as teaching, planning, and decision-making.
  • Centralized dashboard: The easy-to-use dashboard provides a centralized location for managing various school-related tasks, such as flextime schedules and school events. This reduces the need for multiple tools or manual processes, increasing efficiency and organization.
  • Integrated communication tools: The platform can offer built-in messaging and notification features, allowing teachers and administrators to communicate with students, parents, and colleagues more efficiently, without the need for multiple communication tools.
  • By freeing up your valuable time, EDclerk allows you to focus on what truly matters - providing the best possible education for your students. Try EDclerk today and see the difference it can make for your institution.

Discover the power of AI with EDclerk! Streamline your administrative tasks, proactively manage student behavior, optimize hallway traffic, and enhance special education services. Transform your school's efficiency and create a safer, more personalized learning environment for every student. Try EDclerk today!

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Step 1: Optimize Hallways

EDclerk's advanced tracking system enables seamless monitoring of student movement, whether they are using the restroom, visiting another teacher, being sent to the office, or requested by the office. By providing real-time location tracking and digital hall passes, teachers can play a more active role in hallway monitoring.

This increased visibility and accountability help to reduce unauthorized hallway activity, promote responsible student behavior, and ultimately create a safer and more efficient school environment.

Step 2: Manage Student Behavior

EDclerk's AI-driven analytics facilitate real-time monitoring of student behavior, allowing teachers to send customized alerts to staff based on their preferences. Additionally, the platform consolidates daily behavior praises or issues identified by teachers into a single, comprehensive email for parents.

This streamlined communication process fosters collaboration between school and home, promoting a positive learning environment and enabling proactive intervention and support strategies to address behavioral concerns effectively.

Step 3: Ensure Data Compliance

EDclerk simplifies the process of organizing and documenting progress monitoring, as well as managing accommodations for special education, Section 504, and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students. The platform's user-friendly interface and smart features make it easy for teachers to track student progress, update individualized plans, and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. By streamlining these essential tasks, EDclerk helps educators focus on delivering personalized instruction and support to students with unique needs, while reducing the administrative burden.

Step 4: Flex Time and Event Scheduling

EDclerk's intuitive scheduling system makes it incredibly simple to plan and manage repeating events such as inclusion minutes, pullout testing, counseling services, flex-time, COVID recovery protocols, athletic events, and school event dismissals. The platform's flexibility ensures seamless coordination with your PEIMS person, facilitating efficient scheduling and communication across the school community. By automating and centralizing these essential scheduling tasks, EDclerk allows teachers and administrators to focus on providing high-quality education and support services while reducing the time and effort spent on managing complex scheduling requirements.

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Implementing EDclerk was a breeze! Its user-friendly platform seamlessly integrated, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. We saw benefits immediately!"

- Randall Buck, Waxahachie HS TX 6A

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EDclerk revolutionizes school management with its powerful AI-driven platform, streamlining tasks like hallway monitoring, behavior management, data compliance, and scheduling for events and services. We listen to your needs and create tailor-made solutions to address your school's unique challenges. Experience unparalleled efficiency and a safer, more personalized learning environment for your students – transform your school with EDclerk today!

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